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Seminar by Associate Professor Merima Osmankadić
Dec 09, 2014

Seminar by Associate Professor Merima Osmankadić

On 9th of December, 2104 Head of English Department of the University of Sarajevo, Associate Professor Merima Osmankadić, held a seminar for students on the topic „Why Discourse Analysis Matters – An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Discourse Analysis“.

For students of English Department, Professor Osmankadić explained discourse analysis as interdisciplinary area of linguistics and mentioned four main assumptions about language. She also talked about formal, functional and social approach to discourse, as well as about language and social identity.

After example, which included interaction with students, the conclusion was that the meaning is the most important thing in language.

Dean Akbarov awarded Professor Merima Osmankadić with the Appreciation letter.

Seminar by Associate Professor Merima Osmankadic