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Seminar by Professor Aydan Ersoz
Nov 18, 2014

Seminar by Professor Aydan Ersoz

English Department of Education Faculty at International Burch University brought famous Turkish professor Aydan Ersoz to give a workshop for students of all study cycles at International Burch University, as well as to the other linguists, language professors and researches. The seminar was held on November 18 in morning and afternoon sessions.

Professor Ersoz offered interactive and interesting seminar on the topic of „Teaching English to Young Learners“, where students were not just audience but engaged. Delivered seminar included many practical and useful material, which could be helpfull to language teachers working with young language learners.

At the end of the seminar one of the students was awarded with the book of professor Ersoz for his contributions, and Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov handed Appreciation letter on behalf of The University, and Association for Applied Linguistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AALBIH) Membership Plaquette to professor Aydan Ersoz.



Aydan Ersoz is President of INGED (ELEA-English Language Teaching Association) Board

Professor Ersöz was the head of English Language Teaching Department, Gazi Faculty of Education, Gazi University, Ankara. She retired in October 2006 after having worked for 24 years. She is currently working as a freelance. Her interest areas are: teaching English to young learners, evaluating, adapting and developing teaching materials and teacher training. She takes active part in the in-service training programs of the Ministry of Education as a trainer and has contributed to a number of projects run by the Ministry for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. She runs projects at private schools as an educational consultant. She also contributes to in-service training programs for universities, and works as a trainer at the certificate courses offered by the British Council, Ankara. She has several published articles and books.