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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

The Seminar "Current Topics of Private Law in BiH"
Nov 28, 2014

The Seminar "Current Topics of Private Law in BiH"

Social Sciences Research Center at the International Burch University organized a seminar entitled "Current Topics of Private Law in BiH", which was held on 27th of November at the premises of the university, with the lecturers Prof. Dr. Meliha Povlakić and prof. Dr. Abedin Bikić. The aim of the seminar was to contribute to the professional education of lawyers employed in different institutions of the legal system.

The seminar was attended by lawyers, government and bank employees and legal practitioners to whom in the first part of the seminar Prof. Dr. Meliha Povlakić presented current issues of real-legal loan insurance. The topic aimed to present a review of the new legislation and judicial and notarial practice in terms of mortgage insurance, and also discuss the current problems of the commitment of movable property and rights, as well as consumer loans and protection of consumers of  financial services.

Prof. Dr. Abedin Bikić was speaking about the current theoretical and practical problems in personal collateral, contract of assurance, contractual penalties, and the retention as a means of pressure on the debtor.

Presentations were followed by very constructive discussion and all participants were awarded a certificate of participation.

The Seminar "Current Topics of Private Law in BiH"