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“The Winter's Tale” Play by William Shakespeare
Dec 25, 2014

“The Winter's Tale” Play by William Shakespeare

On 24th December,2014. a drama play „Winter's Story“ by William Shakespeare has been performed at Burch University.

Due to the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, Prof. Dr Shahab Yar Khan and students of the Drama Club at Faculty of Philosophy of University of Sarajevo, in collaboration with “Belles Lettres” English Literature Society of Burch University were hosted at the university campus. Organizers were honored by presence of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to B&H, H.E. Mr. Rezeq Namoora, as well as many professors, students, and guests interested in this remarkable piece.

Before the play has started, Murat Oner, Society Coordinator, and Raisa Bušatlić from Shakespeare Lovers Club, delivered a speech giving a worm welcome to the cast. Prof. Dr. Khan who directed the play also addressed the audience with brief introduction to the plot.

Prof. Dr. Khan, one of the main protagonists, has presented Shakespearean tragicomedy play by adding some oriental flavors, and not only that but he also combined Bosnian humor which brought laugh to the auditorium.

By the end of the play, the audience greeted the cast with a big applause and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu, the Rector of Burch University, gave an Appreciation Letter to Prof. Dr. Khan. Burch University once again emphasized the importance of fine arts.

"The Winter's Tale" Play by William Shakespeare