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A high level delegation from China in a return visit to BURCH University
Aug 01, 2015

A high level delegation from China in a return visit to BURCH University

Consisting of several respected professors, the high level delegation from China came in a return visit to International BURCH University on Saturday, first of August of this year

The delegation members were Prof. Dr. Bai Gui (Dean of Hebei University, School of Journalism and Communication), Prof. Dr. Liu Weidong (Former dean of Tianjin Normal University School of Journalism and Communication) and Professor Dr. Cheng Manli (Dean of Peking (Beijing) University National Institute for Strategic Communications), all of them well-respected professors and scientists in their home country.


Their host was Mr. Admir Salihagić, currently serving as the Dean of students at International BURCH University. Although initial steps regarding mutual cooperation had already been made, today's meeting was a good platform to discuss how to intensify it. Among others, respected guests were informed of the First International Forum on  Chinese Language organized by BURCH University's Department of English language and literature held a few months ago.


After a campus tour given by Mr. Salihagić, members of the delegation expressed their gratitude for showing them what the University offers, so having a chance to get to know University's facilities better. One of the topics mentioned during the meeting were natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Accordingly, the delegation members were amazed by what they had seen during they stay in this country. An official part of the meeting ended by gifts exchange on both sides, as well as inviting them to visit BURCH University as whenever they visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo

A delegation from China on a return visit to the University BURCH