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Academic Career Seminar by Rector Uzunoğlu
Mar 04, 2015

Academic Career Seminar by Rector Uzunoğlu

First of series of the Academic Career Seminars organized by DESK (Language-Literature-Art-Culture) students club of the Department of Oriental Philology was given today by the university rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu.

Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu delivered his seminar on the topic „Innovative Universities and Students Role“where he shared interesting information regarding the topic.

Main headlines from the presentation that students should remember were importance of cooperation between students and their lecturers, communication as key factor in explaining our ideas and perceiving correct information, which will enable students to achieve more, as well as their self confidence. „Every student is preciousness, and academicians are responsible of getting it to the daylight“said Rector Uzunoğlu.

After the seminar students used the opportunity to get answers to their questions and advices from experienced university professor Prof. Dr. Uzunoğlu, and share their thoughts on some issues that they have about academic careers.

Academic Career Seminars will be held every Wednesday at 11:00 with experienced academicians of the International Burch University.

Academic Career Seminar by Rector Uzunoğlu