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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

Academic Career Seminar by Salih Cingillioğlu
Mar 25, 2015

Academic Career Seminar by Salih Cingillioğlu

Fourth of series of the Academic Career Seminars organized by DESK (Language-Literature-Art-Culture) students club of the Department of Oriental Philology was given on 25th of March, 2015 by the Advisor to Rector, Res.Assist. Salih Cingilloğlu.

Salih Cingillioğlu delivered his seminar on the topic „Entrepreneurship in Education and Process of Business Starting“, where he shared some information and advices for young entrepreneurs starting from the idea of establishing a business, getting it on a proper way, and personal sacrifices that need to be made. He also spoke about possible obstacles that needs to be overcomed . Advisor to Rector Cingillioğlu shared piece of his knowledge in a very interesting way, and answered to students questions at the end of the seminar.

Next Academic Career Seminar will be held on next Wednesday at 11:00 with another experienced professional of the International Burch University.

Academic Career Seminar by Salih Cingillioğlu