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Adel Mujčić: "Confidence as a Factor to Succeed"
Dec 01, 2015

Adel Mujčić: "Confidence as a Factor to Succeed"

On December 1st 2015, Burch University's Career Office held a workshop with first year students at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering.

The workshop on a topic of "Confidence as a Factor to Succeed" was given by Mr Adel Mujcic, Secretary General of PROIN Business Association. Mr Mujcic holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from Istanbul University and a master degree in Business Adminstration from Baruch College, New York City.

Students were given a chance to hear fine advices and engaged into a plentiful discussion over their life performance, daily productivity and coping with constant challenges. Mr Mujcic had reminded the audience of the importance of self confidence and the power of belief in personal goals, adding that these should be followed by constant learning and self development. 


Adel Mujčić