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BDC Seminar: “Are you here to learn or pass”
Nov 13, 2015

BDC Seminar: “Are you here to learn or pass”

On Wednesday, 11th of November at BURCH University, Business Development Club organized first students’ workshop on “Are you here to learn or pass” by Deputy Head of Project Office Mr. Samet Shabani.

Samet Shabani finished high school in Yahya Kemal College in Macedonia, and graduated from Istanbul University majoring in Political Science and International Relations. He has been involved in numerous activities:  research projects, research papers, internships, and volunteer experiences. Currently, he is MA student of Management at BURCH.

The president of Business Development Club, Ms. Aldina Rastoder, at the beginning of the seminar told that the initial idea is to share knowledge between students in different fields.

During this workshop participants got new knowledge and experiences about real values in education system, and also had opportunities to „become“ ministers of education for half an hour when they wrote some of the main issues and their policies regarding the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.