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Finals of Burch StartUp Competition
May 26, 2015

Finals of Burch StartUp Competition

After two months of extensive training in the filed of student entrepreneurship and business plan preparation, Burch StartUp Final Competition was held on May 25th.

The six top business plans had opportunity to be presented in front of the entrepreneurs, academicians, students and jury consisting of: Edin Mehić, Goran Riđić and Edin Smajić.

The six business plans that found its way to the final competition are: Sala.ba, Suba, Glory, SimplusCAD, 3D Studio and Royal Jelly. Out of six, three business plans were selected as the best ones according to the following criteria: business plan, company culture development, poster, qualifications of the applicant/team, example metrics, and business plan presentation.

First place won Sanel Delić, student of architecture, with the business idea called Simplus CAD. SimplusCAD provides design professionals with the ability to design and operate the software with ease. It is conceived as the SaaS (Software as a Service) with the subscription business model that includes different packages, different prices and the abilities to upgrade the existing account.

Second place won Anes Prentić, student of management, with the business idea called Glory. Glory is a entertainment center that will offer variety of different sport and leisure activities for all kinds of people and for all generations.

And third place won Haris Begović, first year student of management, with the idea of producing royal jelly products. Royal jelly products will be something new offered in BH market.

First, second and third place won money rewards of 500 BAM, 300 BAM and 200 BAM, respectively. Beside money reward, first place winner gets one-year free office space at the University, opportunity to participate in international competition, and professional advisory.

The Burch StartUp event was supported by domestic companies that recognized the importance and necessity of organizing this kind of projects. Special thanks to: Hoše Komerc, R&S, Zirat d.o.o, Semić, Rose-wood d.o.o, PC, H&L Group, Milkos, Bejtović Communications, Interbond, Saraj-komerc, ITD, Natron-hayat d.o.o, Saraj-Komerc, Panera.

Burch StartUp event coordinator, professor Nataša Tandir said that these kind of activities will be continued in the future through Burch StartUp Club, which should be established by the next academic year.


Mr. Edin Mehić set up his own company at the age of 19 as a student on Faculty of Mathematics. He is a serial entrepreneur, proven business executive, angel investor/advisor, and also active motivational speaker and guest lecturer on several international universities.

Mr. Goran Riđić is an assistant professor of Economics. He has worked and consulted for a number of Fortune 500 companies including General Electric, United Technologies – Pratt & Whitney, ING Group and Hartford Financial Services.

Mr. Edin Smajić – is Senior Teaching Assistant and Coordinator of Business Development Club at International Burch University. He finished his bachelor studies in management at Ottawa University, Kansas, USA and gained his master degree at London Metropolitan University, UK and La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. At the moment he is finishing his PhD thesis.

Finals of Burch StartUp Competition