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Bosna- Sema students in the final of the prestigious Google Science Fair 2015
Aug 07, 2015

Bosna- Sema students in the final of the prestigious Google Science Fair 2015

Google has released the names of finalists from around the world who will compete for the main prize of the prestigious competition Science Fair in 2015 which aims to find smart young minds who want to change the world.

The Contest is supported by LEGO Education, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galactic.

Thousands of young people applied apart from which only 20 of them are selected for the grand finale). Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own two representatives that are with competitors from the US, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, France, India, Lithuania and Russia have managed to fight for a place in the finals.

Our own 18-year-old Anneli Arifi and 17-year Old Ismaili worked on the problems of biodiesel production for two years.

"Our project is based on a system of two reactors for the production of hydrogen storage materials and biodiesel from chicken feathers. When tested, carbonised chicken feathers showed good characteristics for the storage of hydrogen and biodiesel showed good quality. If used, there became cleaner environment, better quality fuel and a healthier future, "said these two bright young ladies attending the International High School in  Tuzla.

All proposals submitted to the Science Fair 2015 are tasked to solve the challenges in the world. Some are related to the water, while others are looking for a solution for Ebola.

The finalists will present their projects on 21 September in Google's Mountain View campus to scientists.

The winner will receive a prize of $ 50,000 scholarship, and there are numerous other awards.

Congratulations once again from the International BURCH University, part of the Bosna-Sema network.