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Building Information Modeling Seminar
Apr 09, 2015

Building Information Modeling Seminar

On Wednesday, April 8th 2015, guest lecturer Lejla Odobašić held a seminar about Building Information Modeling (BMI) software for students of Department of Architecture and professionals in this field.

Lejla Odobašić, architect currently living and working in Canada
paid a working visit to International Burch University, where she became familiar with practice at Department of Architecture. This visit was also used as an opportunity of presenting BIM software and its advantages to the student and teaching body of the department.

The lecture focused on advantages of using BIM over conventional design software, its user friendly concept and greater possibilities that such software offer. After the lecture an interactive discussion was held, as a group of designers from domestic IT Company which use BIM on regular basis attended the lecture and contributed it with helpful insights during the discussion.

The event was concluded with statements of advantages and disadvantages of BIM and conventional design software, as seen from the point of view of students, teaching staff and architecture professionals.