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BURCH University as the "Museum Guardian"
Aug 24, 2015

BURCH University as the "Museum Guardian"

Today BURCH University was on duty as part of the civil campaign "I am Museum" of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BURCH University as a cultural and educational institution felt the need to be part of the project "I am Museum" in presence as well as donating computers. On behalf of the collective BURCH officials were: Prof. Dr. Meliha Handzic and senior assistant Harun Šiljak.

As part of the today's duty, attendees visited the Gafić exhibition, ethnological collections and the Botanical Garden.

Public interest for this project is extremely high, and every day around 100-150 citizens are present to express solidarity with the workers of the Museum and to send a joint message on the need for the soonest opening of the institution.

To recall, the Association ACTION Sarajevo from August 3rd to October 4th launched a civil project called "I am Museum", which the local and the international public wants to remind of the fact that the largest and most important museum institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina closed for nearly three years, and affect the responsibility that this problem should be resolved as soon as possible.

The project"I am Museum" is realized in cooperation with a partner organization Mediacentar Sarajevo as part of the sustainability of civil society organizations and is supported by USAID.