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Burch Cafe with Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović
Jan 13, 2015

Burch Cafe with Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović

At the university premises on Monday, January 12, 2015, the Burch Journalist Club organized the first Burch Café with Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, with whom students discussed various topics, including his professional, as well as private, life.

In the course of the interview, Prof. Dr. Marjanović emphasized the importance of motivation in different situations, ranging from motivating university students, to employees at work, where he shared his personal experiences from the positions he held in the past.

In the second part of the program, inspired by the musical performance of Nadina Ćosić and Zlatan Idrizović, Marjanović showed his own musical talents, after which he answered the questions of the Café attendees.

The interview was concluded with the message that a person is never too young to express their own opinion and disagreement with others, but also never too old not to try to change the way things are.

Burch Cafe with Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović