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Cooperation with Delegation of German Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mar 30, 2015

Cooperation with Delegation of German Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In order to promote cooperation business and education cooperation between companies and academic institutions, Delegation of German Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AHK) and International Burch University, represented by Alexander Maerdian and rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoglu, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in Sarajevo today.

The two institutions will join to achieve mutual goals through organizing seminars and conferences, securing an internship for students, mutual promotion and special resources for masters and doctoral studies.

On the occasion of the signing of this agreement Mr. Alexander Maerdian, representative of AHK said that they expect this cooperation to have practical examples of additional qualifications of students, to improve employment prospects, but also that it will allow companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina have better access to qualified labor. In addition, cooperation may be extended to other aspects of which Mr. Maerdian mentioned renewable energy and energy efficiency.

"Cooperation between universities and private industry are one big trend all over the world. We have explicitly decided to cooperate with the Burch University and this is our first collaboration with the university" said Maerdian and added " we as a Delegation of German Economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina currently have about 100 members, companies in BiH and I hope that our members, our companies will have additional contact with the university and students."

Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu also expressed satisfaction with the agreement that will serve as a framework for cooperation, the more so as the university has already taken action on the adjustment of curricula to the needs of the real sector, and joint activities with AHK will contribute to the achievement of excellence in teaching and education of young people, who will before the end of their studies be able to show their knowledge in business processes.

Todays meeting was conluded with an idea that cooperation between higher education institutions and the private sector is one of the most important segments of development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it will certainly contribute to improving the standards of studying, and also will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to engage actively in the process of building a better future.