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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

Department of Architecture visited Bloom School
Mar 19, 2015

Department of Architecture visited Bloom School

Study visit to pre – school and primary school “ Bloom“ was very useful.

Within the course Architectural Design V students of architecture visited the “Bloom“ school which applies Montessori system, on March 17, 2015. During the visit, students were given tour through the interior of school, as well all other auxiliary spaces, which showed them another way of approach to children and the way they learn, which is different from all learning methods familiar to this region.

Students got opportunity to attend the lecture of VII and IX grades, to see how Montessori method works in practice. As thanks to their hospitality students presented Architecture and Architetct's job to children, in which they and presenters achieved interaction the highest level.

Students recognized and learned new regulations, standards, and improved knowledge in field of designing educational insitutions, as well as enviroment of such insitution to give best of location and given space for pleasant and friendly learning, working atmosphere for children. The knowledge they gained, students will incorporate with the assignment of Architectural Design V.

Department of Architecture visited Bloom School