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Department of Architecture visited Olympic Swimming pool Otoka
Mar 06, 2015

Department of Architecture visited Olympic Swimming pool Otoka

Following last week's guest lecture from Architect Faruk Kapidžić, designer of Olympic swimming pool Otoka, master students visited the pool on Wednesday, 4th March 2015.

The students were given tour by Assistant Technical Director of the building, which showed to be instructive regarding their knowledge of such facilities and very helpful for their future careers.

Within the tour students had an opportunity to see audience seating in the pool hall, to recognize the regulations concerning separation between areas for users and audience, structural requirements for an object of this size, as well as supporting facilities. The tour finished below the pool itself where students were shown the structural system supporting the pressure of pool above.

After the tour was complete hosts answered students questions, especially focusing on the difference between the projects they have seen during Mr. Kapidžić's lecture and the current organization of the building. This gave valuable insight in possibility of building adaptation based on user requirements and the importance of flexible design.