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Dr. Svetlana Cenić Held a Lecture
Mar 25, 2015

Dr. Svetlana Cenić Held a Lecture

Well known economic analyst Dr. Svetlana Cenić held a lecture for students.

Dr. Svetlana Cenić was invited to International Burch University to held a lecture "Growth and development: the role of state - debunking the myths" on 25th of March, 2015. Great number of students of all departments, as well as teaching and administrative staff found this lecture quite interesting and filled out the Motif room.

Dr. Cenić in her presentation talked about Bosnia and Herzegovina as developing society and its economical problems which are mostly manifested through lack of understanding and cooperation between public and private sector. Also, political situation and different influencers makes the situations even more complex so that rules of free market, when applied to Bosnia and Herzegovina, limits domestic marketers and brings them to unenviable situation. Later, Dr. Cenić showed some examples from worldwide but most interesting one for young population was rise and success of Apple Company.

As a conclusion Svetlana Cenić said that in seeking to promote innovation-led growth, it's fundamental to understand the important roles that both the public and private sectors can play. Innovation is not just a result of research and development, but about the set of institutions that allow knowledge to diffuse through the economy.

After question and answer part, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Dr. Teoman Duman handed Appreciation Letter to guest-lecturer Dr. Svetlana Cenić and thanked her on behalf of the International Burch University.

Dr. Svetlana Cenić Held a Lecture