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EMC's Office 365 Presentation
Jan 29, 2015

EMC's Office 365 Presentation

First step of the cooperation between the International Burch University and Emerging Marketing Consultants (EMC) was made.

On 29th of December Burch University hosted presentation of Office 365 by Saša Mandžukić CEO of the EMC. The presentation was intended for directors and managers of organizations and IT managers who are willing to introduce change, modernization and optimization of operations, and simplify management of expenses related to business applications in their organizations.

Office 365 is a powerful and familiar Office which gives its users flexibility of the cloud. With Office in the cloud, applications and data go wherever user goes, whether he/she works offline on desktop, online, or on one of the devices. It gives the access to administer the company anywhere, and without additional investment in IT staff and infrastructure, gain maximum data security, better and simpler licensing and software that is always updated.

The presentation covered topics such as: e-commerce, the availability and use of the most common business applications, storage and document management, availability and security of business e-mail, communication co-workers through video conferencing, and integration with existing IT systems.