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International Project Trebević, Sarajevo 2015
May 22, 2015

International Project Trebević, Sarajevo 2015

We are pleased to announce that an international group of lecturers and students from architecture, urban design and landscape planning will stay in Sarajevo from May 24to June 6, 2015, working on integrated restoration concepts for Trebević Mountain.

The workshop is hosted by the International Burch University and the Forestry Faculty of the University of Sarajevo and organized in cooperation with the IMLA Programme of Nürtingen and Weihenstephan Universities in Germany, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science in Sarajevo and the Association of Landscape Architects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The objective of this workshop is to analyze and understand the landscape of Trebević Mountain from multiple perspectives in order to develop sustainable and integrated concepts and measures for the mutual benefit of humans and nature. This activity is a direct follow-up of the LE: NOTRE Landscape Forum, that was organized in May 2014on the same location.

As a part of workshop program is the FORUM (May 28 - May 31 2015) organized in collaboration with existing local initiatives: the “Architecture Days” organized by the organization “Lift-Spatial initiatives”. In addition, another partner event is the “Sarajevo Green Infrastructure” Summer School, organized by the University Nuertingen-Geislingen, Germany together with the IB University Sarajevo, the University of Sarajevo and the BiH National Association of Landscape Architects, which is a follow up activity of the LE: NOTRE Landscape Forum that took place in May 2014.

The Reactivate Sarajevo Forum will bring together for the first time all parties involved including academia, policy and practice. It will be a chance for all stakeholders to meet, exchange their views on the city and express their strategic vision for the project.

For more details, check the Program.