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KK BURCH: Hopes High at the Start of the New Season
Aug 17, 2015

KK BURCH: Hopes High at the Start of the New Season

KK BURCH today in the afternoon gathered in the hall Ramiz Salcin in Mojmilo to begin preparations for the new season, A1 League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the summer break, coach Kemal Šećerović and his team returned to the court and at the start gave a remarkable pace.Coach Šećerović told us at the official reunion of the start of the season we expect continuous efforts and progress, both at the individual level and at the level of the entire team. "Our primary goal is to maintain the status of a regular A1 league team, but also to strive to progress as soon as conditions are met for better placement and greater achievements," said the coach.

As A1 League demands and carries a greater responsibility, the management of the club decided this season to bring in reinforcements. "For now we officially brought two new players  at playmaker positions namely Mirza Jaganjac (22) and Mirza Velic (18)," said Šećerović.

Unofficially, we found out that the team will reinforce soon. Keep watching out for new signings at our official webpage.


 We wish the team success in the A1 league.



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