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Pilot Training Programme and Simulation Presented
Oct 20, 2015

Pilot Training Programme and Simulation Presented

Provided in cooperation with ProActive Aviation HATICE LCC and Tbilisi International Black Sea University, International BURCH University and TRAX Air Flight Academy Located in Orlando, FLORIDA, the program aims to train the future Airbus and Boeing pilots with EASA-ATPL certification, which is approved by ICAO, FAA and EASA.

On the 16th of Friday, at the B building hall, Air Flight Academy from Orlando Florida presented a unique fight programme for all interested parties from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In cooperation with BURCH University, all potential applicants may seek advice on further application procedure. 

Having been entitled the certificate upon completion of the basic on line ground and English training that will be lasting 2 weeks and initial flight training to be given in Florida, Following the first step of training, Pilot Candidates will be joining the flight training not only in the USA- FAA, also in Turkey. Soon after whole training, All trainees will have high job prospects globally as they have good command of English (ICAO Level 6), License of EASA ATP (A), with flight experience 250 Flight Hours .

Those who want to be awarded the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) need to complete a training program involving two stages:

  1. In the first stage, those trainees who successfully complete flight and ground training including PPL (Private Pilot License), IR (Instrument Ratings), CPL (Commercial Pilot License), PIC (Pilot In Command), ME (Multi Engine Flight) Flight Stages and face to face briefings, pre/post flight  briefings, International Environment etc..) and 250 flight  hours of flight training are awarded the ATPL (Airline Transportation Pilot License). Unlike PPL, ATPL enables pilots to get paid for operating a plane.
  2. In the second stage, called Type Rating, soon after getting the EASA ATPL License, trainees are taught to operate Boeing 737-800 NG or Airbus 320 NEO aircrafts depending on their choice and awarded ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) after successfully completing 80 hours of ground training and 62 hours of flight training. The certificate enables fresh pilots to operate airline passenger planes.  


Total period of the USA Flight Training will be lasting more than 42 weeks, including 5 stages as aforementioned above.

 For more information please check out the website here.