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Sarajevo Film Festival Tickets Winners
Aug 19, 2015

Sarajevo Film Festival Tickets Winners

Continuing Education Center of BURCH (CEC) organized a competition for participants of the CEC English Summer School 2015.

As a part of learning conversational English, students had a task to make a photograph on the certain topic, then to make a presentation about the content of the photo, and the idea behind.

Among the 40 participants, Hekim Celik,  Asir Ozan Yalgin, Fatih Elcik, and Halil Ibrahim Nalcacioglu were rewarded with exclusive tickets for the red carpet of the Sarajevo Film Festival 2015.

Winners will have a chance to see the projection of a film ''Son of Saul'' at the National Theatre of Bosnia and Herzegovina tonight, as the one of the films from the Competition category.

The activity was a part of community - oriented learning that Continuing Education Center is employing, where other activities are in plan.