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Second Issue of Concept Magazine Published
Apr 03, 2015

Second Issue of Concept Magazine Published

A group of students from Department of Architecture presented second issue of their Concept Magazine.

Concept Magazine is publication which was created at the beginning of 2015 by students of Department od Architecture at International Burch University, and so far two issues have been published. The magazine deals with topics of architectural past, present and future, as well as it treats some interesting themes that everyone can use to improve their living space.

The idea of the magazine is to promote architecture and all money collected from each new issue will be used for charity cause. This month the Concept Magazine team has managed to collect 450KM in generous donations, which they in assisstance with charity organization ''Pomozi.ba'' donated to Tarić family in Fojnica.

Concept Magazine staff and writers are thankfull for the support from the Department and the University, and they hope to be able to continue their work by acquiring further support in terms of sponsorship and student involvement.

Keep supporting this act of good will!

For more info contact Concept Magazine Team via their e-mail [email protected]