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Seminar on Intercultural Education
Dec 03, 2015

Seminar on Intercultural Education

On December 3, 2015, the English Department of BURCH University, and the Association for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AALBiH) organized a seminar in the field of Intercultural Approach to Foreign Language Teaching given by Assistant Professor Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić from the English Department at University of Sarajevo

Assistant Professor Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić has for years been actively involved in peaceful upbringing and non-formal education, the philosophy of nonviolence and intercultural pedagogy. She currently teaches foreign language pedagogy-related courses in a teacher education program at the Department of English.

In front of an audience of 100 participants Dr. Kasumagić-Kafedžić  talked about Intercultural communicative competence (ICC), and the ability to understand cultures, including our own, and use this understanding to communicate with people from other cultures successfully thus integrating it into the current curriculum of English Language Teaching. Participants had the chance to interact with Dr. Kasumagić-Kafedžić after the seminar.

As a token of appreciation, Head of English Department Assoc.Prof.Dr. Azamat Akbarov awarded a certificate of appreciation to Assistant Professor Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić.


Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić