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Students make decisions for themselves
May 27, 2015

Students make decisions for themselves

The new concept of the study nowdays brings positive changes in the functioning of the system of higher education institutions.

Application of the Bologna process and standardization of teaching to the needs of students and the time in which we live, as well as with the needs of the market is ideal to be pursued by universities in the region. How to manage it is a topic that requires a deep.

Anyway, implementation of the above mentioned is not impossible is evidenced by the recent gathering at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering of International Burch University, led by enthusiastic young doctor of science professor Damir Marjanović. Today, on May 27th at the campus of the Burch University a meeting with students of all three cycles and academic staff was held, as part of the extensive work on changing the curriculum in accordance with the teaching standards, the wishes of students and the needs of the market. This meeting was also parto of the accreditation of academic programs and requirement of new system of study that is offered at Burch University.

Students were given the opportunity to evaluate the proposed curriculum, that everyone should bring benefit in the coming years, and to give their suggestions and proposals for improvement of working conditions, subjects which they wish to attend, as well as any other topics that they are as active participants in the educational process a interested in . They thus became active participants in the decision making process, and Professor Marjanović said that he is sure that they will contribute with their fantastic ideas and pursue with their determination to create their own destiny.
Let us hope that all universities will follow this positive approach to the idea of respect for students.