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Students Trip to Boračko Lake and Konjic
Apr 30, 2015

Students Trip to Boračko Lake and Konjic

On April 29th, third year students of English Language and Literature Department together with their advisor, Asst. Prof. Dr. Senad Bećirović, organized a trip to Boračko Lake and Konjic.

The purpose of this trip was to recognize the natural beauties of Bosnia and to spend some time with colleagues in order to build friendship, cohesion and harmony. Students enjoyed barbecuing, playing volleyball and tennis, and spending time together.

After enjoying the beauties of Boračko Lake, the students visited the old town of Konjic to have a coffee and take photos of its famous landmarks. It was a fantastic experience for both students and professors. The students who joined this trip will for sure never forget it.

Students Trip to Boračko Lake and Konjic