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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

Students visit to "Violeta"
Dec 24, 2014

Students visit to "Violeta"

Business Development Club organized a visit to one of the country's leading companies - "Violeta", on 22nd of December, 2015.

During the visit to “Violeta” premises in Grude, students had a chance to attend several lectures of company's managers, which was followed by the unique chance to see the factory part, where well known “Teta Violeta” products are made. It was pointed out that “Violeta” tunes in to the market demands, it follows the latest trends, thus providing its consumers the top-quality product with special regards to its quality and design.

The result of such business activities is a brand new product, a dish detergent by “Teta Violeta”, which was presented to the market on January 1, 2015, and our students had the honor of being the very first visitors to the factory where the detergent is produced.

Visit to “Violeta” and numerous other similar activites help students match the theory taught at the university to the practice and real-life situations, which is a reason to keep up with this practice.

Students visit to "Violeta"