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Students with the Help of French Investors Run Their own StartUp Company in BiH
Sep 04, 2015

Students with the Help of French Investors Run Their own StartUp Company in BiH

Ermin Podrug, a second year student of Electrical Engineering at the BURCH University won 1st place at innovation track of Microsoft Imagine 2015 National Finals for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Podrug won Imagine Cup award with   EMG joystick project , which recognizes the signals the brain sends to muscles and the same process is used to control the robot, computer or even heavy machinery. Ermin has continued to develop his project furthermore and e told us that the final joystick should be concluded in the upcoming months. The Joystick will be in the form of a sleeve with additional commands at the fingertips.

The potential of the project apart from BURCH university was recognized by investors from France who immediately established a cooperation. We are working on a final version of the joystick and then the investors will enter the advertising and presentation of the same as in our region and outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In parallel with this project Ermin together with his two friends, Vildan Tursić and Davor Jurić, also innovators, operate a StartUp company "XOR". The company will deal with consulting services and the development of embedded systems, and outsourcing.
In addition to this project, these young students objective is to go to the biggest Eurasian StartUp conference which takes place from 3 to 5th of October in Istanbul. After completing the project EMG joystick they plan their production of complete other garments.