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"The art of Japanese paper" Workshop
May 26, 2015

"The art of Japanese paper" Workshop

On Wednesday, 20th of 2015, International Burch University was honoured to have a guest lecture, Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist Taida Jašarević, who held a lecture “The art of Japanese paper“. Architecture department staff and students enjoyed one-hour insight into Japanese art and the cult of making paper.

Taida Jašarević graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and, being impressed with ukiyo-e prints, in particular The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hiroshige, she went to Japan to continue her studies. After completing her Master and PhD at Joshibi University of Art and Design, she stayed in this mesmerizing country for three more years, occupied with manufacturing her own paper and making art.

Today, Taida Jašarević is a well-known and worldwide – awarded print artist. Her works were recognized in particular in Japan, China, Taiwan and in Europe.

The audience experienced a travel through the history of far East, from the time when the first paper was invented, over its journey to Europe when the Dutch got in touch with it and Remrandt himself was amazed with its characteristics, to modern times when famous artists buy traditional Japanese paper that is recognized as the premium quality paper in the world.

Mrs. Jašarević was kind to bring some of her works – samples of handmade paper which proved to all present that paper, something we often take for granted, can be finest art.

"The art of Japanese paper" Workshop