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The Missing Piece: „Risk Capital“ by Armin Konjalić
Nov 24, 2015

The Missing Piece: „Risk Capital“ by Armin Konjalić

BURCH StartUp entrepreneurial speaker series

On 24th of November at BURCH University, a lecture was given by Armin Konjalić  on Risk Capital“ for young entrepreneurs.

Young people had the opportunity to hear many of the techniques for building business success but also ways to rise after heavy falls which are inevitable. Mr. Armin  in his opening speech to the students shared his life story whose main message was „Who does not risk gaines nothing“.

Armin Konjalić from Bosnia and Herzegovina is a leading technical developer at East-West Digital News (RU) and at the same time he is studying Business Informatics in Vienna. He is a traveler, passionate about innovations, startups and networking all around Europe.

Armin has contributed in various ways to the awakening and growing startup scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing the World of innovation and technology to the Balkans. 


Armin Konjalić