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US Embassy Official Partner of Bosnian Science Olympiad 2016
Aug 14, 2015

US Embassy Official Partner of Bosnian Science Olympiad 2016

This year BURCH Project Olympiad gets a different and more significant form, in partnership with the US Embassy as the general sponsor and partner.

This is the first Bosnian Science Olympiad (BSO) for high school students. Students from all parts of Bosnia, from all ethnic and minority groups, will come to Sarajevo to compete in four areas: Environment, Engineering, Have-an-Idea, and Web Design. They will be judged by experts in engineering and science from different universities in Bosnia as well as experts from the field. After online submission, the projects will be selected for competition that will take place at International Burch University in April. The best three projects in each category will receive medal and awards

Language of science knows no ethnic boundaries. Learning from each other through practical activities like BSO will allow students to expand their views and be more open to one another.These interactions will contribute to increasing tolerance and peace building among youth. Students will learn how to think of an innovative idea, realize that idea, and learn to present their ideas coherently. Their ability to show their creativity will increase their self-confidence and desire to acquire even more knowledge. Teaching students the joys of learning, creative and analytical thinking, and realization of their ideas into feasible projects are the right ways to build responsible citizens of Bosnia who will work towards better common future filled with tolerance and mutual understanding.

Project is the collaboration between two organizations, Izvornade and Association for Advancement of Science in BiH. Both organizations have as their primary goals to foster education in young people. Izvornade is a foundation with primary goal of providing scholarships to excellent students. They have a wide variety of activities including humanitarian work and building dormitories for the students with scholarships.

This year would be the first year that Bosnian Science Olympiad would be organized. We have previously organized Burch Olympiad for 4 consecutive years with more than 200 projects with the total finalist number more than 600.

Association for the advancement in science is a new organization built around enthusiastic researchers whose goal is to nurture science in Bosnia. The organization will provide the know-how and its members will be judges during this project.

Please visit our web page (http://olympiad.ibu.edu.ba) where we have all the statistics and information regarding the previous Olympiads. More information also can be found on the website www.izvornade.com and ibu.edu.ba.