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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

Working Visit to Bosnalijek Company
Feb 19, 2015

Working Visit to Bosnalijek Company

Students of the Ambassador Program and the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering of the International Burch University, visited pharmaceutical company “Bosnalijek d.d.” in Sarajevo.

While visiting Bosnalijek Company students attended several lectures of the company's managers, Amela Mujanović, Recruitment and Education Specialist, Tarik Čatić, Director of Corporate Marketing, and Aida Mustafić, Director of Human Resources, and got the unique chance to see places and laboratories where different kinds of medicines and drugs are produced.

It was pointed out that the key basis of this company is its integrated system of managing, quality control and protection of environment, as well as health and safety of the employees. The company’s main strategy of successful business is continuing sustainable growth together with the international business, which makes a significance amount of profit. Also, Bosnalijek Company is a social responsible one that offers different scholarships and internships for students.

Visits as this help students match the theory taught at the University to the practice and real-life situations which happen in and around large companies on a daily basis, and will be continued in future.

Working Visit to Bosnalijek Company