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1st CLIL Symposium in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Apr 01, 2016

1st CLIL Symposium in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BURCH University, University of Utrecht, the British Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the AILA CLIL Research Network cooperated in the organization and realization of the first CLIL Regional Workshop organized at the BURCH University in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CLIL stands for the Content and Language Integrated Learning. It is a term that represents an approach for learning content through an additional language, teaching both the subject and the language.

The audience was addressed by the symposium chairman and the president of the Association for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Professor Dr,  Azamat Akbarov who expressed his deepest gratitude for being the person responsible for hosting such an important event.

CLIL Research network coordinator and the Professor of Foreign Language Pedagogy and Bilingual Education/CLIL at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, Mr. Rick de Graaff also held a speech at the opening ceremony, and also gave a plenary lecture on the topic „CLIL in the European context: Celebrating diversities?“.

CLIL symposium also welcomed Mr. Mathias Herr, the Director of the French studies at the French Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following the opening ceremony, in the first session there were many international participants presenting various topics about the CLIL.

  • Ugur Ger & Professor Azamat Akbarov from the BURCH University, Bosnia and Herzegovina presented on the topic „How CLIL are Bosna Sema Schools?“
  • Ruben Barderas Rey, Jesus Hernandez Gonzales, and Concha Julian de Vega from the Spanish Embassy Education Office in the United Kingdom presented the topic „CLIL in United Kingdom: the emergence of foreign languages“.
  • Dominik Rumlich from the University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany presented on the topic „How the implementation of CLIL can „influence“ the results of research – The case of gigh-intensity CLIL programmes in Germany“.

In the second session we listened to several more presenters.

  • Oliver Meyer from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany presented the topic „Assessing Pluralitercies Development“.
  • Mary-Chopey Pacquet and Laurence Mettewie from the University of Namur, Belgium, who presented the topic „A point that needs improving: truly working on the bridges between our courses“.
  • Derya Bozdoga from Ted University, Turkey to present the topic „CLIL material development during EMI transition phase“.
  • Julia Rechermann from the Bielefeld University, Germany presented the topic „The potential of authentic English picture books for primary schools CLIL“.

Plenary discussion and concluding remarks were presented by Professor Rick de Graff and together with Professor Azamat Akbarov  handed over the certificates to the presenters and to guests. After the event, symposium delegates visited International School of Sarajevo and 1st Bosnian Gymnasium where bilingual curriculum is implemented. 

1st CLIL Symposium in Bosnia and Herzegovina