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3D Printing and Architectur Workshop Held
May 26, 2016

3D Printing and Architectur Workshop Held

Third-year high school students from “Druga gimnazija Sarajevo” participated in an interactive 3D printing and architecture workshop, on May 20.

The workshop was held as a part of the project for Project Management Course done by Master in Management students Merve Turkylmaz, Mejrima Čaušević and Yazgul Aksahin.  The reason for creating this workshop was to deepen the knowledge of what is taught to an architecture and electrical engineering student, stating that the profession is much broader than most high school students would think. By focusing on the topics such as 3D printing technology, 2D compositions and 3D compositions the students had a chance to immediately implement what they have learned and had a tangible outcome within a couple of hours.

The workshop was held by Ermin Podrug, second-year student of Electrical engineering and cofounder of XOR, the StartUp firm that works in the framework of business incubator, and Larisa Snegar, B.S. in Architecture and the founder of Design Factory d.o.o, also a StartUp firm that works in the framework of business incubator. Even though the workshop consisted of two departments, the flow of activities was the same. At the beginning, both lecturers gave broad information about their field and answered the questions of the students. As the workshop continued, the students created their own tangible objects and in the end they all had something to take with them.