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Academic Agreement on Erasmus+, Project of Mobility of Students and Professors, Between BURCH University and Alba Iulia University
Oct 06, 2016

Academic Agreement on Erasmus+, Project of Mobility of Students and Professors, Between BURCH University and Alba Iulia University

Prof. Maria Loredana Boca and Prof. Lulian Cenar, held a lectures for students from IT and Economics Departments at BURCH University.

Academic Agreement was signed between BURCH University and University of Alba Iulia on Erasmus+ Programme. It was agreed that the exchange program expands to other departments within BURCH University. Within the same project, two students from „1 December 1918“ University of Alba Iulia from Romania will visit the Faculty of Economics at BURCH University, and spend a semester here. They plan on arriving this week.

 Interview with two guest professors from Alba Iulia University, from Romania.

Welcome to BURCH University. Tell us how you feel in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Is this your first visit to our country?

-          This is amazing. It is our first, first time. First time in Sarajevo, first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the first time at BURCH University. I must say that we are amazded with the system, with everything we saw at this institution.

You have been our guests for a few days. You had the opportunity to teach our students. Was it enough time to make a comparison with the University in Romania, where you are coming from?

-          Not enough time for some serious comparison, but what is obvious is that we do not have such established system. We do not have PR or Marketing Office, but BURCH University is private university and that makes some difference and it makes it easy to establish its own system. There are some set rules which country universities have to obey to. There are some, of course, but not as many as we, 1 December 1918 University of Alba Iulia, have.

What skills and experience you've shared with our students and what experince you will take with you back to Romania?

-          BURCH is a modern university. All people speak English and that is great. Another thing we like is that we noticed all young people working at the university. This is great that BURCH gives an opportunity to young people.

Do you find Erasmus program efficient and useful for higher education?

-          Very efficient. We have Erasmus cooperation with one of the university in France and we already have two students from Romania to send to France.

Thank you for being our guests. May we expect your visit in the near future?

-          Absolutely! We plan on visiting BURCH University again..probably in May 2017. We look forward to establishing cooperation in the future as well. Thank you for being a great host.