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Academician, Kemal Hanjalić, visited Burch University: "This is a young and dynamic university"
Nov 28, 2016

Academician, Kemal Hanjalić, visited Burch University: "This is a young and dynamic university"

Today's official visitor of International Burch University and Rector Marjanović, was prof. dr. Kemal Hanjalić, university professor and doctor of technical sciences in the field of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Academician Kemal Hanjalić was the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo, Mayor of Sarajevo, Minister of Science and Technology in the Government of Republic of BiH, a lecturer at universities around the world and also a member of ANU BiH.

"I am visiting Burch University for the first time even though I was in your immediate neighborhood as a professor at SSST's University. I am glad that all the Burch Faculties are dynamic and ambitious, and I am particularly happy that here at Burch each and every one has its own niche and specialty. I'm impressed by what I saw, and I was particularly impressed with the genetics laboratory. Burch can be seen as a campus where joint cooperation can be achieved with a particular focus on the division of labor, and a additional specialty to this university is a new international, young and dynamic complex", said Academician Hanjalić.

During his visit, academician Hanjalić further discussed with Rector Marjanović on the curricula development of Burch University, study orientations, and work activities of the academic staff and students at Burch University.

"It has been a great honor and pleasure to exchange views and consult with Hanjalić about the potential of a scientific community not only at Burch but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From such a conversation a man easily understands why academician Hanjalić is the leading Bosnian scientist. I am very pleased that we agreed on the realizations of interesting scientific and professional lectures that will be held by academic Hanjalić at Burch University in December. Additionally, we discussed options for future cooperation", said Rector Marjanović.