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BURCH Students and Staff Marked White Armband Day
May 31, 2016

BURCH Students and Staff Marked White Armband Day

Today, on May 31, 2016, members of BURCH Diplomacy Club and students of the Department of International Relations and European Studies marked White Armband Day by handing out white armbands to BURCH University students and staff.

A total of 153 armbands were distributed as a sign of rememberance of the suffering of non-Serb civillians in Prijedor in 1992 maliciously caused by Serb authorities.

Besides the white armbands, informational flyers with a short chronicaling of the events in Prijedor in 1992 and describing the significance of the white armband were also distributed.

„We are of the opinion that marking such events, which are of key importance to not only our country and region but the entire world, are essential if we are to prevent this type of event from repeating ever again,“ said Amer Kurtović, the president of Burch Diplomacy Club and a student of International Relations and European Studies at BURCH University.

As a reminder, BURCH Diplomacy Club organized an educational visit for members and other students and staff of BURCH University to Prijedor, more specifically to Kozarac, the mass grave Tomašica, and the wartime concentration camp Trnopolje.

Members of BURCH Diplomacy Club are planning a more comprehensive and bigger event for next year.

Prijedor- Bijele trake