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BURCH University Student, Haris Magrdžija, Volunteer of the Year
Dec 06, 2016

BURCH University Student, Haris Magrdžija, Volunteer of the Year

Anything is better than sitting in vain or as our student explained in detail, "better to work for nothing than to sit in vain".

Red Cross, as well as a local humanitarian leader and the largest network of volunteers in BiH, is a group of young people providing a quality environment for volunteering and acquiring useful skills. In accordance with the Rules in Awards RC FBiH, recognition is given to volunteers who during the year achieved particularly significant results in their volunteer work, and in the programs and activities carried out in the structure of the Central Federation. This year, 25 volunteers from RC FBiH received recognition as 'Volunteer of the Year'.

One of this year's laureate is Haris Magrdžija who is a BURCH University student and a volunteer with ten years of experience in volunteering for the Red Cross and blood donation.

"There are many reasons why young people in BiH should volunteer. We are aware that the current formal education system in BiH is focused on the acquisition of knowledge and the repetition of learning and not enough attention has been focused on the development of useful skills. Therefore, volunteering is the best way to receive that lack in education, said Harris, who was the valedictorian in his high school and student of his generation.

We will mention that last week, CK Ilidža, organized by the Association of Students of the Faculty of Education, held a presentation, whose primary goal was to draw attention to the importance, objectives and activities of the Red Cross.

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