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„Crime Scene Investigation“
Mar 23, 2016

„Crime Scene Investigation“

Today, on March 23, 2016, at the BURCH University’s GBE Corridor held a "Crime Scene Investigation CSI"

The peaceful and friendly environment of the GBE Department was disrupted and the staff was shocked to learn that a brutal murder happened this morning in the GBE corridor. An innocent man in his early 30’s was ruthlessly stabbed by a kitchen knife. To catch the person who did this, all members of GBE third year students, who were trained for CSI by Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović and their assistant Larisa Bešić, were included in this investigation: collecting samples, analyzing them, questioning suspects and forming shocking conclusions about who actually did this terrifying crime. They came to a dreadful discovery that a member of the GBE team, who was considered as one of our dearest and nicest colleagues, was actually the one who committed this horrific crime. She was immediately arrested and is waiting for the trial. Motive for murder still remains unknown.

CSI BURCH is celebrating its second year of successful crime solving, and the department plans to make this event an annual practice as a part of Forensic Genetics Course in order for the students to train their skills in a most amusing manner. 


Crime Scene Investigation