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David Parrish and Ermin Cero, guest lecturers at BURCH University
Dec 03, 2016

David Parrish and Ermin Cero, guest lecturers at BURCH University

Good vibrations were felt in previous week at the Burch University. Burch StartUP of 2016 has officially started and was marked by an opening ceremony attended by our students, professors and the Rector, Prof. Dr. Marjanović, who reminded all participants that "good preparation is half the battle".

This year's competition counts over 60 students further divided into 35 groups. Our guest lecturer was Mr. Ermin Cero, who said: "Know that one out of ten startups succeeds. Your business depends on your vision and your experience, but don't forget what role interest and demand play in it. You need to know you can sell your product or service. Create a business plan, do real-life research and know your competition. Think big. Think different. It's not easy to make millions".

During the week, lectures were given by professors Malcolm Duerod, Edin Smajić, and Mersid Poturak. It has been a special honor to host Mr. David Parrish, a business counselor, writer and marketing expert who had worked in more than 40 countries of the world. Each one of the respected guests shared their knowledge and experience in diverse fields, with the aim to help contestants create their own business plans.

BURCH StartUp 2016