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Fourth Forum on Domestic Production
May 14, 2016

Fourth Forum on Domestic Production

Fourth Forum on Domestic Production was held in Banja Luka on May 13th in an organisation of the Business Development Club of BURCH University. Partners of this year's Forum were the University Apeiron, Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Association "Buy and use domestic - quality produced in BiH."

Key topic of this year's Forum on domestic production was "Quality - The recipe for success."

The panel discussion was attended by representatives of the business sector as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Panelists at the Forum were: Vitaminka - Pero Marić, Bimal - Nataša Pucar, Food Safety Agency - Dragan Brenjo and Consumer Protection Association - Gordana Bulić.
Joint conclusion was that the basic prerequisite for successful contribution to the development and continued purchase of local products is quality. Furthermore, continuous improvement of quality by EU standards certainly would increase the number of customers both in the domestic and international market.
During the discussion special attention was given to the need for increased branding of sufficient quality of particular products. Panelists have also touched upon the legal regulations or the EU standards without which we certainly would not be able to cross the Bosnian borders.
Forum participants called on domestic manufacturers to pay special attention to the quality within the process of production. Additionally, the panellists, along with the moderator of the fourth Forum Mr. Admir Čavalić, addressed the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina by claiming that continues purchase of domestic products is the only way we can help and improve the prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina

After the panel discussion, panellists, students and other guests of the Forum, went into an organised visit to Vitaminka and Apeiron University.

Fourth Forum on Domestic Production