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Interactive student's workshop by Haris Magrdžija
May 10, 2016

Interactive student's workshop by Haris Magrdžija

On Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 Business Development Club organized an interactive student's workshop held by Mr. Haris Magrdžija.

The topic of the lecture was ''Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities in B&H''. It was an opportunity for the students of  BURCH University to participate in an interactive workshop and benefit from an experience of Mr Magrdžija, a successful young lecturer. Focus group of the workshop were prominent students that are active within the NGO sector.

Mr. Haris briefly explained the pros and cons of working in social business, adding that the main question that draws attention of many researchers is motivation behind people's decision to become social entrepreneurs. The lecturer explained that tendency to solve major issues in the World, one person's empathy, citizenship and altruism are some of the main answers to that question.

In the end, Haris informed the students of several organizations and associations that offer an opportunity for young people to participate in different workshops and programs, especially in the summer period.

Magrdžija has completed his Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management with the focus on Social Entrepreneurship at BURCH University. He is a former president of Business Development Club and the founder of Forum on Domestic Production. He was an intern at UNDP Sarajevo and Foundation Mozaik. He is a member of Govering Board of Youth Red Cross Society of B&H and SERDA Project Academy.