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Introduction Note by New Rector, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović
Nov 15, 2016

Introduction Note by New Rector, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović

The famous writer Paulo Coelho once wrote: "The difference between an adventure and a dream is to know how to say yes to a challenge." In today's world, the greatest challenge is to choose knowledge, honesty and hard work. Therefore, all young people who have chosen this path and who have decided to seek these values at International Burch University deserve special attention and continuous support in the realization of their dreams and ideas. Because of this, the responsibility of each one of us, who exist solely for those young people who have begun to follow the paths of "adulthood" and who have started to realize their dreams at our University, is enormous. This responsibility we enthusiastically accept during this demanding period!

Consequently, it is a thrilling oppurtunity and a large honour for me to be appointmented to the position of Rector of International Burch University, and I sincerely look forward to the days ahead and the victories that we will achieve together. I believe with all my heart that this remarkable "ship" that we affectionately call Burch, with the extraordinarily brave crew and the young, intelligent passengers for whom it is invaluable to live and work for, it will not be difficult to maneuver through this adventure and towards the final destination - to the position of one of the leading higher educational institutions in BiH and the region.

Thank you for your trust and opinion that I am worthy to be the Rector and the captain of such a team. So, as you can see  from all the aforementioned text, it is time to say yes to the challenge and move on. Yours sincerely Prof. dr. Damir Marjanović