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KAS Director Dr. Dümmel Gave a Lecture to BURCH University Students
Jan 13, 2016

KAS Director Dr. Dümmel Gave a Lecture to BURCH University Students

Dr. Karsten Dummel, famous pro-democracy activist in the former German Democratic Republic who currently serves as a director at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Konrad Adenauer Foundation) Sarajevo gave an interesting lecture on the topic ”The Fall of the Berlin Wall” to the International Relations and European Studies students. The lecture was held on January 12, 2016.

The lecture focused on his experiences as a dissident in East Germany and the importance of the fall of the Berlin Wall, culminating with the happenings of November 9th 1989, when freedom of movement was granted to all Germans living east of the Inner-German border.

Simultaneous translation from German to the languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina was provided by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and allowed both for the speaker to express his thoughts on his mother tongue and for a greater number of students be actively involved in the lecture.

After the lecture, dr. Dümmel answered several questions posed by students and other esteemed guests.

Prior to the lecture, dr. Dümmel met with representatives of BURCH University, including Rector prof. dr. Teoman Duman, Head of the Department of International Relations and European Studies prof. dr. Ešref Kenan Rašidagić, Dean of Students Admir Salihagić, and Student Parliament representatives and International Relations and European Studies students Kemal Nedžibović and Lejla Zonić.

A wish for further cooperation between BURCH University and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Sarajevo was expressed by both parties.


KAS Director Dr. Dümmel gave a lecture to BURCH University students