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Kemal Šećerović: „The ambitions for this season are ranking among top 4“
Sep 09, 2016

Kemal Šećerović: „The ambitions for this season are ranking among top 4“

Interview with coach of KK BURCH, Kemal Šećerović

Coach, we are at the doorstep of a new season, tell us did preparations begin?

Preparations began on the 15th of August, and total of 17 players responded season strtup roll call. As we speak, the team atmosphere is good, our basketball team showed up with a great desire to excercise and, in general, preparations are going according to plan. During the preparation time, we plan to play up to 12 matches in Bosnia, but part of preparation will take place in Montenegro, where our guys will have an opportunity to play with the local first league team.

As we could notice, there are a few changes or reinforcements within the team. Tell us more about the new team members; who they are and what positions they play?

Compared to the last season, the team has been through several changes in the composition. Some of our players have not been the best fit for the team and unfortunately are no longer with us. However, the team has received reinforcements in the form of seven new players who are willing to give their maximum and take the team to high position. Apart from  players from Bosnia and Herzegovina we also have a new member from Montenegro.

The new team will play on positions 1, 4 and 5, and the names of all seven new players are as follow: Ahmedić Asim, Džihan Admir, Husein Alihodić, Vedad Agić, Hadžihasanović Elvin, Haris Lapo, and Husejnović Jusuf.

Are you satisfied with the placement and success of the team and what are your ambitions / goals for the current season?

We have achieved all the planned goals, even more than that. We have gained a lot based on the image and the advertisment of the club, so our feelings are bittersweet. A large number of candidates signed in, and we were forced to make a selection which was not an easy task. The ambitions for this season are to win placement among the top four in league but if the opportunity for more arises we will definitely respond willingly.

Can a relatively young club, such as KK BURCH cope with the burden of the Premier League?

Of course it can. It will be necessary to strengthen the squad with some renowned names and experienced players but considering that we are working intensively and we have a team full of youth and strength I believe that we are ready for such a step. I think with a lot of effort, work and effort anything can be achieved.

Who would you like to see in a team, any names?

I think the team, at this point, could use a high quality scorer and one 5.

For the end, tell us how do you motivate your team and what is the greatest secret of the club's ssuccess?

Currently, the huge motivation and desire of young people to prove themselves as individuals and as the team players. Moreover, it is certain that we, as coaches and club management, have psycho-physical work with our team every day. We try to provide them what is necessary at any given moment. Our results are the outcome of our teamwork.