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New Master Programs at BURCH University
Jul 12, 2016

New Master Programs at BURCH University

Faculty of Economics and Socials Sciences, Department of International Relations and European Studies (IRES), launches master study programs in International Relations, Diplomacy, European Integrations and Security and Conflict Management

Starting with the next academic year 2016/2017 Department of International Relations and European Studies (IRES) is opening four new master study programmes. These are:

Master in International Relations                       (4+1 study program)
Master in Diplomacy                                        (3+2 study program)
Master in European Integrations                        (3+2 study program)
Master in Security and Conflict Management      (3+2 study program)

Each study programme is being fully taught in English by reputable IR professionals with significant theoretical and practical knowledge.

Master in International Relations is an intensive one-year study program that allows further specializing within the field of International politics. Furthermore, students will have opportunity to get fundamental insight into the current issues of the international arena followed through an up-to-date case studies.

Master in Diplomacy gives students a thorough and high-quality graduate training related to the institutions and processes of global governance, multilateralism, regional integration and diplomacy. This two-years master program is particularly attractive for future diplomats and officials that will work in embassies, foreign ministries, international organisations and different public and NGO units.

Third master program gives students the latest overview of the process of European Integrations. In particular, this two-year study program will deal with the enlargement policies of European Union and its strategy to integrate new potential member states. Furthermore, students will have opportunity to learn about the European path of Western Balkan countries.

Fourth master study program that will be available for students starting from the Fall semester of 2016/2017 is a specially designed two-years Master program in Security and Conflict Management. Future students will become familiar with the political and social dimensions of security and conflict in nowadays world. By studying security discourses, security actors, security practices and security outcomes students will become acquainted with the ‘wicked problem’ of security and crises topics in a complex and globalizing world. This program is designed both for professionals from the field of security and conflict management as well as for junior students who want to specialize within the mentioned fields.

For more info please contact us at [email protected] or +387 33 944 400.