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New Year's spirit at BURCH University
Dec 14, 2016

New Year's spirit at BURCH University

Burch University students decorated a New Year’s tree

Today, Burch University students and professors in the courtyard decorated the official New Year’s tree using decorations specific to students and professors that they themselves made and purchased, while enjoying cakes and sweets, which were later used as decorations.

The students decorated the New Year’s tree in the presence of Burch University employees, professors and Rector, where students honored the Rector with positioning the final decorations on the New Year’s tree.

A large number of students were delighted by this gesture. Many had their photo taken with the tree, others were taking selfies, and then all together had a professional photo taken, and a special New Year's mannequin challenge video recorded.

The New Year’s trees will adorn Burch University, both in the administration building and the lobby of Burch University, and in the cabinet of the Rector.

"New Year is always celebrated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and celebrated with those who are dearest to you, and for us those are students and professors," said the Rector, Prof. Dr. Marjanović.

Burch Tree