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Prof. Dr. Samuel Henry visited BURCH University
Dec 13, 2016

Prof. Dr. Samuel Henry visited BURCH University

Prof. Dr. Samuel Henry, visited BURCH University today; a professor and an instructor at the University of Portland and a consultant of US Global Invest.

Prof. Dr. Samuel Henry spoke about the reform of the education system, and during the presentation, the Professor made a comparison between the American and Bosnian education system with an emphasis on the advantages and disadvantages that we have had and still have, but also the individual details from which we both can learn from.

Prof. Dr. Henry answered a few questions about the education system in BiH, and stressed further steps regarding Burch University. “I am currently learning about the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. My dream is that the Bosnian people will renew the educational system of this beautiful country, and that this will help their society”, said Prof. Dr. Henry, who also added, “I have been around for some time and we are still exploring some of the pieces and reviewing some of the fields and other schools, and we shall see where we are going”.

The message for Burch students was, “each student can teach their creativity to become whatever they would like to become at Burch, and create a whole new set of experiences and become better than their professors, and better than the generation before”.

Prof. Henry is spending a few days at BURCH University where he will hold lectures for Burch students, and talk with the upper management and conduct additional training management.

Prof.Dr. Samuel Henry