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Professor Akbarov’s Productive and Rewarding Visit to the United States
Apr 15, 2016

Professor Akbarov’s Productive and Rewarding Visit to the United States

Dean of Education Faculty Professor Dr. Akbarov attended Annual Conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) on April 9-12 in Orlando, Florida.

Professor Dr. Akbarov presented his paper on joint AAAL-AILA Panel Presentation: Research Cultures in Applied Linguistics headed by AILA President Claire Kramsch as well as Aneta Pavlenko, a previous AAAL President from Temple University.  This special joint AAAL-AILA panel explored how is the field of applied linguistics researched in various parts of the world as well as various research vultures in applied linguistics, and in the specialized domain of corpus linguistics and professional practice.

Later, Professor Dr. Akbarov as the president of Association for Applied Linguistics in BiH was invited by Professor Paul Kei Matsuda AAAL President for the Inter-Organizational Collaboration Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to explore possible ways in which AAAL might work with other applied linguistics organizations, in ways that are mutually beneficial. Professor Akbarov expressed his gratefulness to Paul Kei Matsuda and AAAL for making this event possible.He also met with the AAAL 2016-2017 President  Kathleen Bailey.

During the AAAL conference, Professor Akbarov met with Heidi Byrnes, Editor-in-Chief of one of the most prestigious journal the Modern Language Journal (MLJ) which covers research and discussion about the learning and teaching of foreign and second languages. They discussed the way of academic cooperation, including J-FLTAL journal http://j-fltal.org/.

The Association for Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AALBiH) founded in 2014, is the first national organization for applied linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its headquarters in Sarajevo, AALBiH will continue on restoring Sarajevo’s linguistic scene to its former glory, attracting more international linguists to the region and organizing events that foster cooperation and communication on a local and global level.




Professor Akbarov’s Productive and Rewarding Visit to the United States